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Bobi Tiglao invents lie against me

Bobi Tiglao invents lie against me

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison

Bobi Tiglao is a repeatedly proven liar who spreads fake news against those who criticize his masters like Duterte and Gloria M. Arroyo. He fabricates below a message which he ascribes to an apparently imaginary student whom he does not dare to name.

¨Sir Bobi, I was a student in The Netherlands when Joma Sison arrived. Back then he got $20,000/month, Gas allowance, Driver. A house. And an S class Benz. All paid for by the Dutch Communist Party. I saw his house in Utrecht from the outside and his Benz. He got it within a week after arriving. He was all over the news. 1985 if I recall correctly.¨

Tiglao is quite careless in inventing the message. He claims that I arrived in the Netherlands in 1985. I arrived here in 1987. The Dutch Communist Party could not have given me $20,000/month, gas allowance, driver, a house and S class Benz because said party was already in a state of disintegration.

I received honoraria, transport fare and housing accommodation from inviting academic institutions, trade unions, solidarity groups and Filipino community organizations when I toured some 20 countries in Europe from 1987 to 1988.. Whenever I went to my Utrecht base, I stayed in the house of Louie Jalandoni and other Filipinos and used public transport.

When Cory Aquino canceled my Philippine passport in 1988, I had to apply for political asylum. As asylum seeker, I was disallowed by the Dutch authorities from taking any compensated job or continuing with my research consultancy with a department of the Utrecht University. But I received from the Dutch government benefits given to asylum seekers: living allowance, housing, health insurance, social insurance and third party liability insurance.

All these were terminated by the Dutch government in 2002 after Tiglao´s boss Gloria M. Arroyo and her national security adviser succeeded in having the US government (and in effect the Dutch government) designate the CPP, NPA and myself as ¨terrorists¨. Since then, I have been financially assisted by my relatives and friends.###


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