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Comment of Prof. Jose Maria Sison on Duterte threat to destroy NPA

Comment of Prof. Jose Maria Sison on Duterte threat to destroy NPA


Duterte cannot fool the people by staging fake surrenders. Fake surrenders are an old trick of deception and a major kind of racket of military officers. The more fake surrenders, the more corrupt military officers.

Duterte´s threat to destroy the CPP and NPA in 2018 or 2019 is worth nothing like his promise before his election that he would wipe out the drug problem in 3 to 6 months. The drug problem became even bigger because of his own son´s involvement in drug smuggling.

All his predecessors vowed to destroy the NPA failed. Like them, he will fail most miserably because his cruel and corrupt regime is now detested by the people and the revolutionary movement is growing in strength.

Duterte is the worst character to try discrediting the NPA for supposedly violating its own rule of discipline: Do not take liberties with women. He is well exposed by himself that he is a misogynist.

He is notorious in the entire world for disrespecting women, for wishing to be first among rapists and encouraging his troops to rape women and to shoot in the vagina of suspected women fighters of the NPA.


  1. So, true. By the way, regarding the striking out and purging dissent at the social networks like fb, youtube there is another platform available that is not prone censoring alternative news and or political views. It is called steemit.com and dtube.

  2. By the way, I have experienced fb and youtube suspensions for merely sharing political and economic views that are not in conformity with the establishments. Thus, I searched for other platforms that aren’t prone to censorships. Fortunately, I found the steemit.com and dtube platforms. I am planning to join these platforms next week as I am still familiarizing with their rules.


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