By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Founding Chairman, Communist Party of the Philippines
NDFP Chief Political Consultant in Peace Negotiations with GPH
16 October 2012

Re: “Enrile ready for face-off with nonbelievers”, by Cathy Yamsuan, Philippine Daily Inquirer, October 15, 2012

Juan Ponce Enrile has only himself to blame for his character flaw, his lack of integrity, his dishonesty and the expressed view of many people that his memoir is a pack of lies.

At the peak of the Edsa people’s uprising, he publicly went on record to admit that his supposed ambush on Sept. 22, 1972 was a fake. Now, he claims in his memoir that the ambush was real. He is engaged in flagrant lying.

In the memoir, he admits that he was the drafter of the martial law proclamation and general orders and played a major role as martial law administrator. But like the cheapest shyster, he engages in systematic lying in whitewashing the martial law regime and absolving it of the gross and systematic human rights violations that it committed against the Filipino people.

He tries to absolve himself by heaping the blame on General Ver and Imelda Marcos for his eventual disaffection with the regime and in the process deflect attention from being a major partner of Marcos in imposing a greedy and brutal fascist dictatorship on the people for 14 years.

He goes to the extent of challenging the victims of human rights violations under the Marcos regime to face him in a debate and prove their case before a so-called truth commission under the auspices of the reactionary government. Conveniently, he obscures the fact that there is already a court judgment in the US, finding the Marcos regime liable for human rights violations on the basis of the evidence presented by the victims and their survivors.

The victims and their families had to avail of the US court system in view of the fact that not even the Cory Aquino regime could help them obtain justice in the Philippines in the face of the continuing influence of the Marcos fascist clique and elements like Enrile. Until now, the victims cannot obtain justice in the Philippines and have not been indemnified in accordance with the US and Swiss court judgments pertinent to the former Swiss bank account of Marcos.

It is too much for anyone to expect that the so-called truth commission under the auspices of the reactionary government would bring out the whole truth in favor of the victims. It is more likely that the reactionaries would try to rewrite history, whitewash the Marcos fascist regime and put the blame on the victims and the people.

You can predict the outcome from the happy picture of Imelda Marcos, Enrile, Noynoy Aquino and other reactionaries enjoying themselves at Enrile´s book launching. The US is behind the efforts of the reactionaries to unite against the revolutionary movement. The aim of whitewashing the Marcos fascist regime is quite obvious in Enrile´s harping on the Plaza Miranda bombing, Karagatan incident and the Diliman Commune.

Enrile and other well known US assets try to make the people forget that within the day of the Plaza Miranda bombing on August 21, 1971 Marcos rushed to judgment, held Ninoy Aquino and the CPP responsible for the bombing and proclaimed the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus.

They also try to make people forget that the military failed to prove their accusation against me and the CPP before the Senate blue ribbon and justice committees and that the Manila city prosecutors in a resolution on March 2, 1994 dismissed the charge as something based on sheer speculation. Attached hereto are the said resolution of the Manila city prosecutors and the certification of the Department of Justice dated April 20, 1998, confirming the dismissal of the charge.

As regards to the Karagatan incident, it was obviously an attempt of those opposed to the Marcos regime to bolster their strength against the US-supplied military. As regards to the Diliman Commune of early 1971, the militant students of the University of the Philippines and the U.P. President no less stood their ground against the invasion of the UP campus by the military and police forces directed by Marcos.

Enrile declares that as early as in the inaugural address of his first term Marcos was already indicating his intention of proclaiming martial law eventually. And he states that the martial law regime was beneficial to the people and that Marcos was justified in proclaiming martial law.

The point about which Enrile is most consistent is his admission that he is a bastard. In his own narrative, he boasts of a sneaky ability to do anything in order to obtain power and wealth. ###


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