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New Year´s Greetings

New Year´s Greetings

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

As Chairperson of the International Coordinating Committee, I convey warmest greetings of solidarity to all global region committees, national chapters and member-organizations of our League and to all friends and allies who have cooperated with us in campaigns to uphold, defend and promote the anti-imperialist and democratic rights of the people of the world.

In this regard, we have achieved so much so that we dare say that the continuing resistance of the people for a bright future in independent, democratic, developed and socialist societies wil win unprecedented victories in the 21st century.

As soon as it won the Cold War and became the sole superpower in the years 1989-91 due to the revisionist betrayal of socialism, US imperialism unleashed ideological, political, economic, social, cultural and military offensives on a global scale. These offensives have eventually led the US and its closest allies to the quagmire of economic crisis and an incessant chain of aggressive wars.

Until now, the US and the world capitalist system have failed to solve the crisis that resulted from the mortgage meltdown of 2008. The neoliberal economic policy has deepened and aggravated the global crisis of capitalism. The US has gone intro an irreversible strategic decline.

The unipolar world dominated by the US has been replaced by a multipolar world in which the capitalist powers are engaged in ever worsening contradictions. These inflict great suffering on the people but at the same time create oportunities for national and social liberation.

The world continues to be characterized by disorder and disarray due to the machinations of the imperialist powers and their reactionary agents. But through their democratic and anti-imperialist resistance, the peoples of the world build their own revolutionary forces and power in order to prevail over exploitation and oppression.

Prof. José Maria Sison