Some Current Positions:

1. Chairperson, International Coordinating Committee, International League of Peoples’ Struggle, 2004-present.

2. Chairman, Board of Directors, Stichting International Network for Philippine Studies(INPS), l989-present.

3. Chief Political Consultant of NDFP Panel Negotiating with the GRP Panel, 1992-present.

Current Activities:

1. Those related to the aforesaid positions.

2. Research, writing and publishing essays and poems.

3. Delivering lectures in academic institutions and speeches to various international conferences, seminars and fora.

I. Academic Record

1. AB in English Literature (major in journalism and creative writing), cum laude, College of Arts and Sciences, University of the Philippines (UP), 1959; and Master of Arts in Comparative Literature, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of the Philippines, 1959-61.

2. Membership in Honor Societies & Scholarships:

2.1. Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and Pi Gamma Mu International Science Society

2.2. ICA-NEC Teaching Fellowship, University of the Philippines, 1959-61 & Jajasan Siswa Lokantara scholarship in Indonesian language, Djakarta, Indonesia, 1962.

3. Teaching Fellow, English Department, College of Arts and Sciences, UP, 1959-61.

4. University Public Relations Officer, Araneta University; and Executive Secretary to Dr. Salvador Araneta as Araneta University President and as Chairman of the Board in several corporations, 1962.

5. Professorial Lecturer in English, Political Science and other Social Sciences, Lyceum of the Philippines, 1964-67.

6. Senior Research Fellow & Associate Professor, Asian Center of Graduate Studies, University of the Philippines, 1986-87.

7. Chairman, Executive Council, Philippine Center for Social Research, 1986-87.

8. Occasional guest lecturer on Philippine politics, economy and culture in Utrecht University and other European universities, 1987- present.

II. Political Record

1. Founder & National Chairman, Kabataang Makabayan (People’s Youth), 1964-68.

2. Vice President for Education, Lapiang Manggagawa (Workers’ Party), 1963-64.

3. General Secretary, Socialist Party of the Philippines, 1964-65.

4. National Vice-President, Socialist Party of the Philippines, 1965-68.

5. Director for Education, National Association of Trade Unions, 1964-68.

6. Consultant, Malayang Samahang Magsasaka (Free Association of Peasants), 1964-68.

7. Adviser, Pagkakaisa ng Magbubukid sa Pilipinas (Unity of Peasants in the Philippines), 1969-71.

8. Founding Secretary General, Movement for the Advancement of Nationalism (a broad alliance of democratic forces), 1966-68.

9. Founding Chairman, Communist Party of the Philippines 1968-1977.

10. Chairman, Preparatory Commission of Partido ng Bayan (People’s Party), 1986.

11. Chief Political Consultant of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) in peace negotiations with the Manila government, 1990 – present.

12. Chairman, International Initiative Committee, International League for Peoples’ Struggle, 2000-01

13. General Consultant, International League for Peoples’ Struggle, 2001-2004

14. Chairperson, International Coordinating Committee, International League of Peoples’ Struggle, 2004-

III. Other Significant Information

1. Recognized as one of outstanding 200 Marxist theoreticians and revolutionary leaders since 1848 in Biographical Dictionary of Marxism, edited by Robert A. Gorman, London: Mansell Publishing Limited, 1986.

2. Torture victim and political prisoner from November 10, 1977 to March 5, 1986. Five years in solitary confinement as the worst torture inflicted on him.

3. International University Lecture tour in Asia-Pacific and Western Europe, 1986-88, on Philippine politics, economy and culture in more than 80 universities.

4. Political refugee in the Netherlands, 1988 – present. Recognized as such by the Dutch Council of State under Article 1 A of the UN Convention on Refugees and further protected by Article 3 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

5. Subjected to continuing persecution and assassination attempts by the Manila government. A prize of one million pesos on his head since 1989. Adjusted to eleven million pesos by joint order of the Philippine Department of Defense and Department of Interior and Local Government since April 23, 2009.

6. Chairman, International Network for Philippine Studies, 1989 –

7. Chairman, Center for Social Studies, 1993 –

8. Convenor and Chair, International Seminar in Commemoration of Mao’s Centennial, Gelsenkirchen, Germany, 1993.

9. Featured poet in poetry readings in the Netherlands: a. Rotterdam, Poetry International (1994), b. Vondelpark Poetry Festival, Amsterdam (1994), c. Poetry Park (1994), d. Dunya Open Podium (1995), e. Nacht van de Gekleurde Poezie-Kleurrijk Festival, Groningen, (1995).

10. Successful individual plaintiff in the human rights litigation in the US against the Marcos estate.

11. Listed in the European Union “terrorist” blacklist in 2002 and removed from the list by landmark decision of the European Court of Justice in 2009 in his case against the Council of the European Union.

12. Arrested and detained by Dutch authorities on false charges provided by the Arroyo regime in 2007 and released after winning his case before the The Hague District Court and the Appeal Court also in 2007.

13. Frequent lecturer in academic institutions and speaker in international conferences, seminars and fora.

IV. Publications (Abbreviated List)

1. Brothers (a collection of poems), Manila: Filipino Signatures, 1962. This collection established him as a nationally recognized poet.

2. English translation of the poems of the Indonesian poet laureate Chairil Anwar, Djakarta: Jajasan Siswa Lokantara, 1962.

3. Struggle for National Democracy (a comprehensive book of essays on Philippine politics, economy, culture and foreign relations), Manila: Progressive Publications, 1967. This has influenced the legal national democratic movement since the 1960s. Available in Pilipino and English.

4. Philippine Society and Revolution, Hongkong: Ta Kung Pao, 1971. This has been used by revolutionary organizations as a basic textbook on Philippine history, basic social problems and the national democratic revolution. Available in Pilipino, English, Chinese, Japanese, German and Turkish.

5. “Jose Maria Sison on the Mode of Production in the Philippines”, serialized in New Progressive Review, Vol. I, Nos. 1-3, 1984.

6. Prison and Beyond: Selected Poems, 1958-1983, Quezon City: Asphodel Books, 1984.

7. Philippine Crisis and Revolution, series of ten lectures delivered at the Asian Center of Graduate Studies, UP, 1986. Available in Pilipino, English, French, Dutch and Japanese.

8. The Philippine Revolution: From the Leader’s View, co-written with Dr. Rainer Werning, New York: Crane Russak, 1989. Available in Pilipino, English, German and Japanese.

9. Articles and editorials on major political, economic and cultural forces, issues and trends in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, appearing in Progressive Review, Ang Bayan, Rebolusyon, etc.

10. Poems and essays on aesthetics and literary articles in various periodicals.

11. Inclusion in major national and international anthologies:

11.1 Pintig, Volumes 1 and 2. Manila: KAPATID, 1985

11.2 The Guerrilla Is Like a Poet, edited by Robert Majzels, Dunwegan, Ontario: Cormorant Books, 1988.

11.3 Brown River, White Ocean, edited by Luis H. Francia, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, 1993

11.4 Voices of Conscience (Poetry from Oppression), edited by Hume Cronyn, et al. Manchester: Iron Press Work, 1995.

12. Gedichten, Selected Poems, translated from English to Dutch, Utrecht: Stichting INPS, 1993.

13. Ten volumes of selected works in manuscript form, 1961-present.

14. Philippine Economy and Politics, co-written with Julieta de Lima, Philippines: Aklat ng Bayan, 1998 and 2002.

15. The People’s Struggle for a Just Peace, Utrecht The Netherlands: International Network for Philippine Studies, June 1991.

16. US Terrorism and War in the Philippines, Breda: Papieren Tijger, 2003.

17. At Home in the World: Portrait of a Revolutionary, co-written with Ninotchka Rosca, Greensboro N.C.: Open Hand Publishing LLC, 2004 and Philippines: IBON Books, 2004.

18. Selected Writings of Jose Maria Sison, 1991-2009, in 4 volumes, Philippines: Aklat ng Bayan, 2009:

a. Volume 1: For Justice, Socialism and Peace.

b. Volume 2: For Democracy and Socialism Against Imperialist Globalization.

c. Volume 3: Crisis of Imperialism and People’s Resistance

d. Volume 4: People’s Struggle Against Imperialist Plunder and Terror.

V. Literary and Other Awards

1. Literary Achievement Award for poetry and essay writing from the Writers’ Union of the Philippines, 1985.

2. National Book Award for Poetry (Prison and Beyond), Manila Critics Circle, 1985.

3. The 1986 Southeast Asia (SEA) WRITE Award for the Philippines for essay writing and poetry, chiefly for Prison and Beyond. Most prestigious literary award in Southeast Asia.

4. Special award of recognition for outstanding contribution, as selfless and humane leader, patient teacher, caring and compassionate friend and exemplary comrade to the national democratic struggle of the peasants, workers and the entire Filipino people., 26 November 1994: Kabataang Makabayan 30th Year (1964-1994).

5. Marcelo H. del Pilar Award bestowed by the College Editors Guild of the Philippines as the highest accolade to its most distinguished alumni for their continued service and commitment in upholding and defending the people’s rights and welfare. Given to Jose Maria Sison, poet, writer, revolutionary leader, during the 29th Biennial National Student Press Congress and 56th Annual National Convention, 21-26 May 1998

6. Awards of Recognition of 50 years of service to the Filipino people from the Communist Party of the Philippines, National Democratic Front of the Philippines, Kilusang Mayo Uno, Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas, Migrante International and other organizations on February 7, 2009, eve of the 70th birthday of Prof. Jose Maria Sison.

VI. Editorial Work

1. Founder & Editor-in-chief, Progressive Review (a political, economic and cultural journal), 1963-68.

2. Editor-in-chief, Ang Bayan (The People), 1969-77.

3. General Editor, Mao Zedong Lives: Essays in Commemoration of Mao’s Centennial, 1993-94.

VII. Literary, Journalist and Cultural Associations

1. President, UP Journalism Club, 1958-59.

2. Founder & Chairman, Student Cultural Association of UP (SCAUP), 1959-62.

3. Member, UP Writers’ Club, 1962-

4. Member, National Press Club, 1965-68.5. Member, Afro-Asian Journalists’ Association, 1966-

6. Member, Afro-Asian Writers’ Bureau, 1966-

7. Member, Wereldschrijvers Werkgroep, Netherlands 1993-

8. Member, Vereniging van Letterkundigen-Vakbond van Schrijvers (Association of Literary Arts – Union of Writers), Netherlands 1994 –