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Sison Family of the Philippines

Sison Family of the Philippines

This sub-project aims to organize genealogical data on the Sison Family of the Philippines. Profiles here are those of historical figures, scions of the gentry (de buena familia), revolutionary heroes, scholars, government officials, national athletes and other public personalities (celebrities) in various fields. Find more surnames at the master project page, Families of the Philippines.

The Sison Family of Pangasinan was included in “The Manila 60”, as published in the 1950s by society writer Torrosa Subido. The list comprised of the fabulously wealthy families, as well as those that made contributions to society. These old families pride themselves in the legacy of grace and refinement.

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Lacson, Sison and Viola
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Soledad Sison Lacson (1907 – c.1995)
Soledad Lacson-Locsin of Talisay, Negros Occidental, received her education in both Spanish and English at the Assumption Convent, wrote in both languages for various publications, and did translations…
Maximo Sison Viola (1857 – 1933)
Once upon a time, a struggling patriotic man named Jose Rizal developed friendship with a kind doctor whose name was Maximo S. Viola who would later become the patron of Rizal’s first novel- the Noli M…
Jose Maria Sison
Jose Maria Canlas Sison (born 8 February 1939) is a writer and activist who founded the Communist Party of the Philippines and added elements of Maoism to its philosophy. Source:

Sison Family Tree of Prof. Jose Maria Sison from the 18th Century to the Present:
1700s – Sixth Philippine-born generation
Birth of Domingo Sison’s grandparents – Lingayen, Pangasinan
1725 – Seventh Philippine-born generation
Birth of Domingo Sison’s parents
1750s – Eighth Philippine-born generation
Birth of Domingo Sison and siblings if any, Lingayen, Pangasinan
1775 – Ninth Philippine-born generation
Wedding of Domingo Sison and Dominga Quimio
Birth of Vicente Quimio Sison and siblings if any, Lingayen,
1798 January 25, Wedding, Vicente Quimio Sison &
Maria Merced Jazinta Teaño, Vigan, Ilocos Sur
1800s – Tenth Philippine-born generation Birth of three children of Vicente Sison & Maria Teaño, Vigan, Ilocos Sur:
Brigida Teaño Sison
Pedro Teaño Sison
Atanacio Teaño Sison
1827 – Eleventh Philippine-born generation
June 18, Wedding of Atanacio Teaño Sison and Petrona Del Espiritu
1820s – 1830s –
Birth of four children of Atanacio Sison and Petrona Espiritu,. Vigan
Julian Espiritu Sison
Fausta Espiritu Sison
Mariano Espiritu Sison
Josefa Espiritu Sison
1860 – Wedding of Julian Espiritu Sison and Bonifacia Sevilleja Suller,
Cabugao, Ilocos Sur
1860s – Twelfth Philippine-born generation
1870s – Birth of seven children of Julian Sison and Bonifacia Suller,
Cabugao, Ilocos Sur:
Ignacia Suller Sison
Andres Suller Sison
Gorgonio Suller Sison
Florencia Suller Sison
Agapita Suller Sison
Gregorio Suller Sison
Francisco Benigno Suller Sison
1894 – Wedding of Gorgonio Suller Sison & Martiniana Azcueta Serrano
1890s – Thirteenth Philippine-born generation
1900s – Birth of five children of Gorgonio Sison & Martiniana Serrano,
Cabugao, Ilocos Sur:
Emidio Serrano Sison
Tomas Serrano Sison
Salustiano Serrano Sison
Pedro Maria Mariano Serrano Sison
Cipriana Maria Serrano Sison
1920s – Fourteenth Philippine-born generation
1930s – Birth of nine children of Salustiano Sison and Florentina Canlas
Cabugao, Ilocos Sur
Estela Canlas Sison
Corazon Canlas Sison
Amalia Canlas Sison
Rosario Canlas Sison
Ramon Canlas Sison
Antonio Canlas Sison
Francisco Canlas Sison
Jose Maria Canlas Sison
Roque Donaciano Canlas Sison


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