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The Internationale in Pilipino.wmv

The Internationale in Pilipino.wmv

Title: INTERNATIONALE IN PILIPINO: Sung by Jose Maria Sison. Lyrics by Eugene Pottier. Music by Pierre Degeyter. Guitar accompaniment by Danny Fabella of Musikang Bayan. Mixing and recording by Jhong Velasco and Achilles Salcedo of Musikang Bayan. Produced by KODAO Productions. Distributed by the Europe-Philippine Intercultural Solidarity (EPICS).

Note from Jose Maria Sison:

The Internationale is exceedingly important to all proletarian internationalists. It expresses poetically and musically the revolutionary spirit and historic mission of the working class to liberate humankind from class oppression and exploitation, to overthrow the bourgeois class dictatorship and all forms of reaction and to build socialism wherever possible until communism is achieved.

I sang the two-stanza Tagalog version of the old Communist Party of the Philippine Islands (1930), which was based on the English version of he French original written by Eugene Pottier. As Chairman of the reestablished Communist Party of the Philippines, I pushed in 1969 the retranslation of the first two stanzas of the Internationale into Pilipino (Tagalog) on the basis of the French original.

In 2003 I reviewed the said retranslation and made a few emendations. As my own major contribution, I translated the sixth stanza of the French original to serve as the third stanza of the Pilipino version of the Internationale. This third stanza is very important because it refers to the Party of the working class and the alliance of the workers and peasants.

I sang the three-stanza Internationale for recording by KODAO Productions of the Philippines in 2003. Since then, the text of the song and my vocal rendition have been popularized globally on the internet by the Russian Anthems Museum, which collects all versions of the Internationale in many languages and in various styles.