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Angelic visit to Filipino friends in Utrecht

Angelic visit to Filipino friends in Utrecht

The internationalist Angelica Orjuela and her parents visited recently Prof. Jose Maria Sison and her other Filipino friends at the NDF Information Office in Utrecht.

Angelica is a British university graduate of Colombian parentage who is already a longtime development worker in Africa and is currently logistician of Doctors Without Borders.

As human rights and international solidarity activist, she was an active campaigner for the Defend Jose Maria Sison Committee against the persecution of Prof. Sison and his inclusion in the so-called EU terrorist list from October 2002 onwards.

The campaign supported the successful legal case before the European Court of Justice against the EU Council for the removal of the name of Prof. Sison from the said list.

Jan Fermon led SisonĀ“s international panel of lawyers which included prominent human rights lawyers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and the Philippines.


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