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On Duterte’s talk at the AFP Eastern Mindanao Command

On Duterte’s talk at the AFP Eastern Mindanao Command

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
August 26, 2018

I am glad and even thankful that Duterte admits having been the source of the report that he was comatose last Sunday. Indeed, the report came from his direction.

But he is wrong to insist that I received the report without caution. I cited the report with the caveat that it was subject to verification or denial through Duterte´s public appearance or by credible medical bulletin.

It has come to pass that Duterte was obliged to appear publicly on video on Monday night and to show that he still had an unusually darkened face and he looked tired and dispirited.

It was obvious that he had to interrupt his disappearance and rest. He needs plenty of rest and the best way to get this is to resign from his position.

The people themselves are already tired of his failure to do his job properly and of aggravating the problems of the country.

I challenge Duterte to submit himself to medical examination by the best independent diagnosticians of the Philippine General Hospital in order to establish whether he is physically and mentally fit for his position.

Duterte puts himself in an absurd position by claiming categorically that I have colon cancer and tries to make the figment of his imagination worse every day.

Despite my right to privacy as a private citizen, I am willing to show a true and verifiable medical certification on the state of my health as soon as he shows his own medical certification as a matter of public interest.

Turning to far more important issues than our physical health and ability to appear with women on video, I wish to rebuff him on his claim that I or by implication the revolutionary forces of the people do not lead a single barangay.

The local organs of political power of the people´s democratic government of workers and peasants are in thousands of barangays all over the country attending to the needs and interest of the people neglected or abused by the reactionary government.

Best proof of this fact is that the counterrevolutionary and tyrant Duterte and his military have deployed all their 98 army maneuver battalions as well as police brigades against so many guerrilla fronts in a futile attempt to suppress the revolutionary forces and communities with terror and deception.

By raising the issue of communism, Duterte is impertinently barking at the wrong tree or trying to deflect the people´s attention from the problems that he has generated and aggravated.

Communism is not the issue for the people today. It is Duterte´s servility to imperialist powers and his aggravation of the oppressive and exploitative rule of the big compradors, landlords and corrupt bureaucrats like himself.

The current demands of the people are national liberation and democracy, not even socialism yet and certainly far from communism. The Filipino communists today excel in putting forward the program of the people´s democratic revolution.

The No.1 drug addict of the Philippines is pipe-dreaming when he says that he can turn away Filipino revolutionaries from communism by sending junketing military agents and fake surrenderers to China.

Duterte is an ignoramus about the theory and practice of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Genuine Filipino communists understand the Marxist-Leninist teachings of Mao and the revisionist betrayal of socialism and the now more turbulent world of inter-imperialist contradictions and conflicts.

At any rate, the public and even Duterte are invited to read my recent paper on the ideological, political and organizational achievements of the Communist Party of the Philippines in 50 years in the concrete semicolonial and semifeudal conditions of the Philipines. ###


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