The International Coordinating Committee (ICC) of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle held a very successful annual meeting on March 10-11, 2012 in The Netherlands.

Twenty (21) members of the ICC from 6 continents participated in the meeting. Fourteen (14) were physically present while six (6) participated by Skype and one via proxy. Those who were physically present were Ario Adityo (Indonesia), Bill Doares (United States), Theo Droog (Netherlands), Malcolm Guy (Canada), Kuusela Hilo (United States), Florentino Martinez (Mexico), Lynn Meza (United States), Jose Maria Sison (Netherlands), Antonio Tujan (Philippines), Demba Moussa Dembele (Senegal), Nestor Villatoro (Guatemala), and Jang Chang Weon (South Korea). Alternate members Steve da Silva (Canada) and Rafael Mariano (Philippines) were also physically present.

Those who participated by Skype were Len Cooper (Australia), Carol Araullo (Philippines), Ramon Bultron (Hong Kong), Elmer Labog (Philippines) and Peter Murphy (Australia) and Rey Casambre (Philippines). Tatiana Lukman served as proxy for Rudi Daman (Indonesia).

The ICC Chairperson Jose Maria Sison opened and presided over the meeting.

The ICC approved the minutes of the previous meeting of the ICC which was held in the Philippines in July 2011 immediately after the 4th International Assembly of the ILPS and approved the agenda for the meeting.

The Chairperson gave his report citing among others the developments in the world situation after the 4th International Assembly, the important activities of the ILPS in the fields of Political Education, Organization and Mobilization and the work of the chairperson in relation to developing cooperation with other international anti-imperialist and democratic formations. In his role as Spokesperson of the League, the Chairperson gave 29 statements and speeches, issued 16 letters and messages of solidarity and gave four interviews on the stand and views of the ILPS on various important issues.

Bill Doares, Vice Chairperson for External Affairs, gave a report on his trip to Dhaka to attend the International Anti-imperialist Conference and the establishment of friendly relations with the committee that had organized the conference. This is in line with the policy to develop cooperation with other international anti-imperialist formations.

Malcolm Guy, General Secretary, also gave his report on the work of the General Secretariat citing among others the need to improve communication with League members, increasing the place of Spanish and other languages in our work, and for member organizations to make use of the ILPS website to promote their activities and exchange information.

The Treasurer, Theo Droog, presented a financial report citing the positive balance in the central fund. Following his report there was a discussion and a decision on the two-tiered system of payment of membership dues giving due consideration to the situation of member organizations in underdeveloped countries.

Commissions 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 submitted written reports on their activities and plans. Likewise, there were status reports on the building of ILPS in the global regions of North America, Europe, East Asia/Oceania and Latin America. There were also country reports from Australia, Canada, Guatemala, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, Senegal, South Korea and the United States.
The following global campaigns for the year were approved: against land-grabbing, to defend jobs, against the “Green Economy”, against the irresponsible use of nuclear power, against US overseas military bases, against mining companies, and against the criminalization of people’s struggles in Canada and abroad.

A number of resolutions were passed: on the holding of the World Youth Conference in Manila in 2013, on US military realignment/rebalancing in the Asia-Pacific, on 400 Kurdish political prisoners on hunger strike, on the threat of US aggression against Iran, on the G20 Summit in Mexico, on the “Green Economy”, on the the privatization of the US postal service, and on the Museum of Martyrs in Guatemala.
The ICC approved the application for memberships of seven (7) organizations coming from South Korea, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.

Those who attended the ICC meeting received copies of the book compilation of the basic documents of the Fourth International Assembly for themselves and for further distribution in their respective countries. The General Secretariat is ready to receive orders for the book.
The next ICC meeting was set within the first quarter of 2013 in Europe.###