Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Warm greetings of solidarity!

Through its judgment of 30 September 2009, the European Court has annulled the inclusion of the name of Prof. Jose Maria Sison from the terrorist listing and has unfrozen his small bank account. The judgment has become final and executory since 10 December 2009.

Unfortunately, current indications, based on the answers of Dutch ministers last 10 December 2009 to parliamentary questions, show that the Dutch government intends to continue the unjust and severe sanctions against Prof. Sison and make empty and useless the 30 September judgment of the European Court.

Thus, the legal and political struggle for the fundamental rights, normalized residence and social benefits of Prof. Sison continues.

The International Committee DEFEND has marked 26 March 2010 as an International Day of Action in support of Prof. Sison. Committee DEFEND is calling on the different DEFEND Committees worldwide, supporters and those who uphold civil liberties and human rights to hold pickets in front of Dutch embassies and consulates on this day to demand the end to his persecution and the granting of residence permit and other benefits due him.

We are also requesting you to sign the campaign petitions online at:
http://www.josemariasison.eu/ (this carries articles related to the petition)

Please let us know of any actions you plan to take so we can announce it to our listserve and networks and post this on the websites.

Thank you for your continuing solidarity and support.

International Committee DEFEND
For reference:
Coni Ledesma
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 00-31-30-8895306